First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


There are so many blogs out there and I enjoy a few of them.  I am just looking for a views other than my mother and mother-in-law’s on different situations that arise with my daughter.  To them, parenting 20 years ago doesn’t apply with how to be a parent now.  It can get so confusing and I want to guide my child the best that I can. I don’t always know what to tell her that will help her understand the life lesson on concept I am trying to get across to her.  I will NEVER be the perfect parent but I am striving to provide the guidance to my only child so that she may one day make the best decisions she can. I would love the help.


2016 Education

So my daughter may not be mature, but she knows way more that I ever knew at her age.  She knows all of the cuss words (not that she is allowed to use them in my house) plus some that even I never knew existed.  She knows about sex and doesn’t even know what her period is yet (I think).

My biggest fear is that she won’t come to me for questions.  I want her feel comfortable enough to come to me about any of these questions.  I had no where to go EXCEPT my friends and let’s be honest who wants their child’s only knowledge about her body and the boys to come from her immature friends.

Between the internet and uneducated children the best guidance they should be able to get is from us.



Definition of a Good Parent

So I watched a video on my Facebook page this evening that made me laugh and think at little bit.  What is the definition of a good parent?  I want my child to feel like she can come and talk to me about anything.  I want to raise a healthy productive adult but does that mean my child hates me all of the time?

I was hoping that there would be some days that made me the cool Mom and some days I would be the friend Mom.  Lately, I feel like I am yelling all of the time and my husband can just give her the look and the task I am yelling at her for would be done immediately.  When did I lose the power to enforce the rules?  Today was the day I wanted to pull my hair out after saying “NO” like 100 times.

Here is the link if you are interested in what prompted this blog today.


Explain a Friend

So I have a 9 1/2 year old daughter and since she is an only child she asks all of her education on life to me and my husband.  While there have been subjects that we have had a hard time discussing with her, creating and keeping friends seems to be the hardest.

How do you explain what a friend is? I ask because I have different friends for different parts of my life.  I have the crazy friends who love to have a good time and most likely don’t have children but, make me feel young.  Then there are the friends that you speak with once in a blue moon but have known so long that you drift apart as you grow older. Then there are the long term friends that you wish you could see more of but life interferes with that option.

How do I explain to my daughter how to be a good friend to earn a good one in return.  She should have as many friends as she  wants and I want that for her, however; I want her to understand what a good friend is.

If anyone has any ideas I am open to discussing them.  What is a friend to an almost 10 year old girl?