Explain a Friend

So I have a 9 1/2 year old daughter and since she is an only child she asks all of her education on life to me and my husband.  While there have been subjects that we have had a hard time discussing with her, creating and keeping friends seems to be the hardest.

How do you explain what a friend is? I ask because I have different friends for different parts of my life.  I have the crazy friends who love to have a good time and most likely don’t have children but, make me feel young.  Then there are the friends that you speak with once in a blue moon but have known so long that you drift apart as you grow older. Then there are the long term friends that you wish you could see more of but life interferes with that option.

How do I explain to my daughter how to be a good friend to earn a good one in return.  She should have as many friends as she  wants and I want that for her, however; I want her to understand what a good friend is.

If anyone has any ideas I am open to discussing them.  What is a friend to an almost 10 year old girl?


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